Dublin Square Irish Pub: One of the Best Bars in La Crosse, WI

by | Oct 31, 2013 | Restaurants

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If you are visiting La Crosse, WI or even if you are a resident you have to know that La Crosse has some of the best bars and pubs around. One of the best Bars in La Crosse, WI is the Dublin Square Irish Pub and if you have never visited the pub then you don’t know what you are missing. Below you will find out some of the events and things that happen at the best Bars in La Crosse, WI, so that you won’t miss a thing the next time you are passing through.

If you have any Irish in you at all, then you know about the customs and traditions of the Irish. The Dublin Square Pub makes sure to uphold those traditions and customs just like you were in good old Ireland in a real pub. The owners of the pub have over 20 years of experience and work hard to have an Irish atmosphere coupled with amazing food and good old-fashioned Irish charm. While you might not find any leprechauns wandering around the pub, the stories and the atmosphere will do a lot to make up for that.

You can do everything from playing darts to listening to music and watching TV in this Irish pub. The best thing about the pub however, is the fact that it’s the perfect place to relax with your friends, toss back a pint, and just have fun with no worries.

There is always something going on at this Irish pub, whether it’s live Irish music or a contest that you will enjoy getting involved in. The Irish culture runs deep here, as it does in the entire city, so if you want a full true Irish experience this is the place that you want to be. Relax, have fun, toss back a few, then settle down to a hearty meal of traditional Irish fare. You can also get burgers and salads, among other food, so you can be sure that there is something for every one of your friends in one of the best bars in La Crosse, WI.