Do You Need A Bail Bondsman In Fort Worth, TX – Now?

Being arrested is a frightening experience, especially if it’s for the first time. It’s very important to try to stay calm. Remember the Miranda rights that were read out by the police officer; they are very important.

This is the time to arrange for a Bail Bondsman in Fort Worth, TX. If the one phone call the police allowed was used to call an attorney, ask the attorney to get word to a family member or friend who can help out. In most cases, a bail hearing will be held the next business day, and someone needs to fill out some paperwork for the bondsman before the court hearing.
What the Bail Bondsman in Fort Worth, TX Will Do for the Defendant
? The bail bondsman purchases a surety bond to cover the bail. The defendant (or a family member or friend) pays a set fee for the service.
? The bail bondsman attends the bail hearing and concludes the bail arrangement with the court.
? The defendant is released from jail.
? Bail bonding is a 24-hour service.
? Many bonding companies can arrange bail when the arrest took place somewhere else in the U.S.
What the Defendant is Expected To Do for the Bail Bondsman
? The bail bondsman expected the accused to show up on time and prepared for every scheduled court date. This is very important. About the only excuse that might be accepted by the court would require being in a coma in the hospital. Not being in court as scheduled will immediately make the legal situation worse. The bail bondsman has accepted financial responsibility for every court appearance and will take steps to locate the accused and return the defendant to jail. Bail is very unlikely to be granted a second time.
? Financial commitments made to the bail bondsman must be adhered to. If a payment plan was part of the arrangement, payments must be made, just as on any other debt. If the property was pledged to guarantee the bail, it would be returned at the conclusion of the case, whatever the verdict.
If someone needs a Bail Bondsman in Fort Worth, TX, contact Ronnie D Long Bail Bonds. They offer 24/7 nationwide service when a loved one is in trouble. If necessary, they will make house calls or arrange for transportation.

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