Do You Have Any Silver You Would Like To Turn Into Spending Money?

by | May 15, 2015 | Shopping

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What Is It?

With the chemical symbol ?Ag? ? which comes from the Latin ?argentums? via the Greek ?rguros? with both deriving from an Indo-European word that meant ?grey? and ?shining?, silver has long been considered a precious metal. It is more abundant than gold so its value is somewhat less but, nevertheless, it has good value in any of its many forms.

This metal can be found in a naturally pure form but is more often found as an alloy with gold or other metals; it is typically a byproduct of copper, gold, lead or zinc mining and is common in minerals such as argentite and chlorargyrite. Once refined, it has many uses; particularly as it has the highest reflectivity and electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal. It has also been found to have a number of helpful medical attributes.

Personal Uses

However, most of us will be more familiar with silver in the forms of coinage, jewelry, tableware, trophies and other decorative household items. In other words, apart from industrialists, scrap recovery merchants or commodities dealers; it is in these forms that most of us might have the metal at our home in Chicagoland (or anywhere else for that matter) and surplus to our needs. These are the items that an average person might be seeking a buyer for.

Collectible Or Only Fit For Melting Down?

Whenever we are looking for a buyer for any item made from any type of precious metal; we have to acknowledge that the item can have two very different monetary values. The first value is based on what it actually is and whether or not people wish to buy and either use it for its given purpose; or, invest in it as a collectable likely to increase in value over time. This is where the seller will get the maximum price for the item.

However, if that item has no potential for further use and is not considered collectable; its only value lies in the weight of precious metal that can be extracted from it when it is melted down. That battered tennis trophy from the 1920?s might have some sentimental value to someone; but, it is basically ?junk? to everyone else. Therefore, you should not expect to be offered a good price from anyone willing to buy it from you.

When trying to Sell Silver in Chicago; you have to trust the buyer to advise if the item has intrinsic worth or is only good for melting down. Established traders like the Chicago Gold Gallery have built up a good reputation for honest assessment of items brought to them.

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