Do I Need to Worry About Teeth Clenching?

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Health

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Teeth grinding isn’t a serious condition, which is likely why a lot of people tend to ignore it. Some grind their teeth during the day, but some individuals also grind their teeth at night while they sleep. The condition is also called bruxism.

Is it dangerous?

While it’s not a severe condition, it can lead to a lot of health problems if it isn’t properly addressed. You could end up suffering from headaches, pain in your jaw, receding gums, loose teeth and more. Over time, you’ll have severe tooth sensitivity along with cracked or broken teeth as the grinding takes a toll on your tooth and leads to the loss of the tooth structure eventually, the MedicineNet says.

What’s causing it?

Stress is a common cause of teeth grinding. Observe how many people instinctively grit or gnash their teeth when they’re upset, stressed or angry. If you’re severely stressed, that could affect your sleep and you could find yourself grinding your teeth when you sleep. It could also be caused by sleep apnea and can be linked to TMJ disorder as well. To know more about what’s happening, look for teeth clenching treatment in Tampa FL.

How to get help?

Find a doctor with plenty of experience in providing teeth clenching treatment in Tampa FL. Someone who’s been in practice for years holds the right credentials and continues to stay up-to-date on the latest practices, treatments, and technologies involving TMJ disorders should make for an excellent option.

When to go?

If you’re tired all the time, even after going to bed early, suffer from excessive sleepiness, have headaches, tenderness in your jaw or have sore gums, you might have bruxism which could be caused by an underlying condition like sleep apnea or TMJD. Find out for sure when you make an appointment with a dentist today.