DIY or Professional Pest Control in Alpharetta?

Your storage or garage is likely full of various DIY products to treat for bugs and pests, but it’s just as likely you still struggle with problems with bugs and pests. There are a lot of homeowners who try do-it-yourself treatments, only to realize it wasn’t as successful as they had planned. Why is professional pest control in Alpharetta better than DIY products? Here are three reasons professionals can deal with termites, ants, rodents and other pests quickly and efficiently.

They Are the Professionals

Professional exterminators have years of experience and can spot problem areas homeowners don’t even suspect. Once a homeowner sees a pest in the house, it’s too late and can end up with an infestation. Professional pest control in Alpharetta can spot key indicators of infestations and can take care of them in some of the difficult to reach areas. They have the tools and experience to tackle problems in crawl spaces and attics. They can also customize their methods to fit specific needs, such as pets and children in the home.

Less Costly

It might seem less expensive to grab a few mouse or ant traps, but the truth is these short-term fixes won’t last. By the time a homeowner realizes their DIY remedy didn’t work, it’s likely bloomed into a full infestation. Now the problem is out of control and professional treatment will be more extensive and expensive.

DIY and Making Guesses

Sometimes, homeowners make guesses, but they turn out to be wrong. Perhaps a homeowner suspects they have ants, and they buy a repellent. After spraying and treating, the pests are still there. It’s time for a professional to handle pest control in Alpharetta. They determine the problem is actually termites. Now that months have passed, it’s possibly a more serious infestation. Some termites can destroy a home in as little as three to five years. A wrong guess can be costly to homeowners.

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