Dispensing the Truth About Your Beverage Dispenser

by | Jul 31, 2014 | Business

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Running a convenience store or a restaurant can bring with it plenty of opportunities to expend on the profit already generated by your main business. However, plenty of owners do not capitalize on the different products available, which with little investment, can increase their profits massively. Surely any product that can generate profit with little running and maintenance costs should have its pride of place somewhere in your establishment? But what product will work? The answer is a beverage dispenser.

A beverage dispenser isn’t exactly a new idea, yet many business fail to capitalize on this simple idea. Beverage dispensers come in all different size, shapes and styles. From professional looking stylish dispensers for all the chique do-it-yourself restaurants, to the classic looking convenience store dispenser. But all dispensers, no matter their look, bring in profits. Here’s a little bit of math.

You Know it Makes Sense

Say you spend $1000 on a standard beverage dispenser, then you fill it with a $50 bag-in-box soda and mix it at a 5-1 ratio. Then per average you sell only 10 drinks per day at $1.99. With all these costs taken into consideration you’ll make an extra $5000 a year just from your dispenser. Remember, that’s with the conservative estimate of selling only 10 drinks a day. That means you’ll make back your initial investment in only 3 months of buying and installing your new dispenser.

Is it Right for my Business?

Businesses all over the world are capitalizing on these easy to use machines. No matter what sort of business you own, if your customers are in need of a refreshing beverage but don’t want to wait in line, then this is perfect for you. If you want to save on expensive re-ordering of plastic or canned sodas, then this is for you. Don’t be put off by the idea of self-service either. Around the world, more and more services that once were controlled by humans are becoming “self-service.” This helps your business to save money on physical product, hire new members of staff and give your customers the instant satisfaction of a freshly poured drink within seconds.

Why delay? Check out the latest technology in beverage dispensing today. This could be one of the easiest profit making decisions you’ve ever made for your business. Bringing in a steady and almost guaranteed source of income with little investment, surely that’s every business owners dream right?

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