Discussing Important Details With A Boat Accident Attorney In West Palm Beach, FL

In Florida, boating accidents are common during warm summer months. Common issues that cause the accidents are intoxication, carelessness, and inexperience. When investigating accidents, the authorities must determine what party caused the accident and why. A Boat Accident Attorney in West Palm Beach, FL helps victims who sustained injuries in boat accidents.

Intoxicated Boat Operator

Boating under the influence is a serious infraction, and any intoxicated boat operators who cause accidents face more extensive penalties. The severity of the victim’s injuries plays a role in what penalties are applied to the operator. Victims could collect compensation through the operator’s insurance or through restitution in a criminal case.

Traveling at Excessive Speeds

Excessive speeding is another moving violation that leads to boating accidents. If the operator causes others to become injured, he or she faces the liability of their injuries. However, if the operator is injured due to the moving violation, the court could dismiss an injury claim for the operator’s injuries based on comparative fault.

Inexperienced Boat Operators

Inexperienced boat operators could face liabilities if they don’t have a valid boating license and take a boat out on the water. The circumstances of the accident determine who is liable and how many individuals sustained injuries. Inexperienced operators are more likely to make careless mistakes and cause more serious injuries. Authorities will check to see if the driver has a boating license when investigating the accident.

Dangerous Water Conditions

Dangerous water conditions also contribute to boating accidents. It is recommended that all boating enthusiasts avoid dangerous water conditions if possible. Unless there are any underlying problems like equipment failures, the events are ruled as an accident for which no one is at fault.

In Florida, boating accidents are caused by intoxicated operators who are under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances. Speeding is a common moving violation that leads to accidents with injuries. Inexperienced boat operators are more likely to cause costly mistakes according to recent statistics. Dangerous water conditions also contribute to the accidents. Victims who want to learn more about the accidents contact a Boat Accident Attorney in West Palm Beach, FL through Janssen, Siracusa & Keegan PLLC or visit the website right now.

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