Digging A Bit Deeper About Rustic Alder Doors

Once you start looking online for different types of wooden interior or exterior doors, you will quickly learn that the top manufacturers always provide information on the material the door is made of. When looking for rustic alder doors you may find alder and knotty alder. Both make excellent choices for door materials.

Knotty Alder

Knotty alder is a very beautiful wood prized for the unique, natural patterns created in the wood. When looking at rustic alder doors, you will immediately know if it is knotty alder because of the irregular dark spots within the grain of the wood. Those dark circular spots, which can be brown to black, are the knots in the wood.

The grain of the wood itself, with the exception of the knots, is very straight, and the texture is uniform throughout the wood. This quality makes it easy to work with and a very good choice when stained.

The natural color of rustic alder doors made of knotty alder will be from a tan to yellow color, to a more reddish to dark brown. The knots are more easily detected, even from a distance, with the lighter colors of wood.


Just like knotty alder, this is a beautiful wood for both exterior and interior doors. It is also used on cabinets and in molding and baseboards, so it is easy to match interior rustic alder doors with other uses of the wood throughout a home.

The most common styles of rustic alder doors highlight the grain and color of the wood and tend to include the Shaker, Mission, and Craftsman styles. However, this wood is ideally suited to custom doors as well and is a very nice choice for a true rustic style with wrought iron hardware and clavos.

Another reason either rustic alder doors or knotty alder doors are a popular option is because this wood is an excellent choice for most stain colors. It tends to absorb the stain and remain true to the color of the stain, which is not always possible with some other woods suitable for door construction.

If you are considering rustic alder doors, they are a very durable door which, when professionally stained and sealed, is very resistant to water, sun and even insect damage. They will certainly be a door for a lifetime, and provide natural beauty to the interior or exterior of any home.

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