Different ways to do the task of carpet cleaning

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Home Improvement

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The normal carpet is vacuumed a few times a week and this goes on week in and week out. However, over time dirt, grime and stains will take its toll and carpet cleaning in Lakeville needs to be done to completely rejuvenate the carpet.


Carpet cleaning in Lakeville employs three basic methods; carpet shampooing, dry powder, and steam cleaning.


Carpet shampoos must have high levels of very stable foam which provides a lubricant so the brushes do not harm the fibers and it must dry to a residue that is non adhesive. The carpet cleaner’s use shampooing because as the foam dry’s, the dirt is attracted to it and the results are simply vacuumed up. Unfortunately, most shampoos do not do the best of jobs because shampoos are not good detergents, they simply hide the dirt. The shampoo may also contain chemicals which convert invisible UV and turn it into visible light which makes the carpet look clean and bright. The carpet will soon develop a yellow cast which cannot be removed.


Dry powder cleaning is when the carpet cleaners use an absorbent material which includes small traces of water, solvent and detergent. This is liberally sprinkled on and worked into the carpet with a machine. The machine agitates the dry cleaner through the carpet; it in turn attracts and absorbs soil. The absorbent used is generally organic in nature; the soil dislodged by the dry cleaning will be vacuumed up. A very thorough vacuuming is needed to get all the powder from the carpet otherwise the quality of the indoor air can be compromised. Dry cleaning has the advantage of no drying time so it is often used in high traffic areas where more frequent cleaning is needed.


The method that is preferred and recommended by nearly all carpet manufacturers and used by professionals who do carpet cleaning in Lakeville is called hot water extraction. A fine spray of hot water is sprayed onto the carpet which forces the dirt out which is then immediately extracted with a high suction vacuum. Although the system is referred to as steam cleaning, live steam is not used. Carpet cleaners spray a solution of water and detergent into the pile of the carpet and then pull it out by vacuum. This process can be done by using an extraction unit mounted on a truck left outside the home or a portable system, which is in the home during the cleaning. The truck mounted system is preferable as the humidity created by the process is vented outside rather than being circulated in the home.


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