Destroying Documents through Paper Shredding Service in San Diego

In every institution or business, there is always an imminent risk of very important information leaking out and falling into the wrong hands. Crooks can use valuable personal information to commit crimes such as fraud, impersonation and even forgery. One of the most effective ways of protecting valuable information is through hiring a paper shredding service. This is a service that ensures files and documents you no longer need destroyed in the most secure manner that will ensure not a single page is left and no information is passed on onto the wrong hands without your knowledge.


Paper shredding should be carried out on site, for enhanced security, no documents should be carried away by the paper shredding service in San Diego for shredding. The whole purpose of hiring a paper shredding service is so that the documents and highly sensitive data be destroyed, a number of document destruction services have portable shredding machines that can be transported to their client’s premise where the shredding task can be accomplished without the need to transport any of the documents. There are a number of reasons why destruction of highly sensitive documents should be done through paper shredding;


1. Shredding provides excellent security of information printed in hard copy, protecting of information in soft copy such as documents and database files is very easy since this can be done through assigning of passwords. Printed documents however are not as easy to protect, in fact, theft of printed documents remains the most common form of information theft.

2. Paper shredding is the recommended form of document destruction, organizations are therefore are advised to hire paper shredding service when destroying documents as a matter of compliance to preferred document destruction method.

3. Paper shredding is also the most eco-friendly way of destroying un-wanted paper. This is because paper is both bio degradable and can be recycled to create other paper products. This makes burning of paper a waste of very helpful raw materials for other paper products. Recycling of paper saves trees and is good for the economy.


4. Paper shredding service, San Diego is one of the steps taken to prevent identity theft. Many victims of identity theft have lost valuable resources such as money, insurance cover to people masquerading as them through after coming across personal information about their identity. Many people today have fallen victim to identity theft as a result of their personal information falling into the wrong hands.

5. With paper shredding service, you save valuable time and money, shredding documents your self can cost you a lot of time especially when there is a huge pile of documents to be shredded. With shredding service, time can be directed to other equally important tasks


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