Designer Diamond Necklaces Complement Both Casual and Formal Apparel

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Shopping

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While a diamond ring typically captures the spotlight among accessories, the diamond necklace is yet another piece of jewelry that you can wear both on formal occasions and for everyday wear. As long as you are not wearing the Hope Diamond, you will get more mileage out of your fine jewelry if you can wear your diamond and gold pieces whenever you want.

Begin with Your Engagement Ring

Use your diamond engagement ring as a beginning point to choosing an accessory. If you currently wear a round diamond on your finger, for instance, then you want to select designer diamond necklaces that go well with a round cut. That means avoiding the sharp corner of a princess-cut diamond or the geometric lines of an emerald cut. Both will clash with the look of a round diamond.

In order to make sure that designer diamond necklaces work well with your apparel, it doesn’t hurt to wear the jewelry while shopping. That way, you can be assured that the jewelry and the attire will complement one another perfectly.

Consider Your Neckline When Choosing a Necklace

You also have to think about what necklace displays well on your neck. For instance, a basic chain pendant is typically recommended to accentuate a slender neck line. However, if your collarbone is prominent, you may want to choose a more extravagant piece of jewelry.

Men should also take note: one survey revealed that women always expect to receive a diamond ring for an engagement present. However, a diamond necklace can be given as a spontaneous gift. Therefore, you can buy a designer diamond necklace as a spur-of-the-moment type present or for an anniversary. This type of purchase is typically made to augment a wedding set.

Regardless of the reason for buying a diamond necklace, it is one piece of jewelry that goes well with both casual and formal wear. Don’t save the jewelry only for formal occasions. Instead of donning costume jewelry, wear the real thing when accessorizing your everyday look.

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