Design Your Event or Gift With Professional Florists in St. Louis

Giving and receiving flowers is gratifying for both the giver and the receiver. By nature, flowers hold a sentimental value within their petals and stems that cannot be duplicated by man-made creations. They have a distinctive look and feel that is intricately woven into their construction, and an aroma that emanates from each individual flower. They are used for a wide variety of occasions because of their unique qualities, and they display to people expressions that cannot be put into words. Flowers show sympathy to the bereaved, love to a spouse, joy for a new baby, happiness for a bride and groom, and appreciation for a good employee. Plants have the same characteristics and show the same sentiments as well, and they are a permanent gift that can be cared for and admired for years after they are received. Florists in St. Louis at Southern Floral understand the power within flowers and plants, and they design their floral arrangements and plant formulations to exhibit the exact feelings and emotions surrounding the event they represent.

Although flowers and plants have their own innate beauty and distinguishing characteristics, florists in St. Louis at Southern Floral know how a poorly designed arrangement can potentially ruin a gift or an event. Professional florists build their arrangements so they are pleasing to the eye and follow a pattern that makes them collectively appealing, yet individually recognized within their assembly. They can build a wedding bouquet for an elaborate look or a simple design; however, each arrangement will look just as charming regardless of the amount of flowers used to make the bouquet.

Florists in St. Louis at Southern Floral, design flowers for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, funerals, Thanksgiving and Fall, Spring, special events, and plants and dish gardens for many types of events and celebrations. For weddings, they provide free consultation services to ensure their customers are fully satisfied with their wedding day arrangements, and to work together to make certain their day is special.

Southern Floral was established in 1923 and they have been in the industry ever since. They offer their customers affordable prices that will fit any budget, and customers can order their arrangements online or they can call a customer service representative who will assist them with their request, They are a reputable floral shop that services their surrounding communities and customers worldwide. For more information, log on to


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