Decorating Tips When You Need More Space In Student Apartments in Raleigh

When you first moved into an apartment, there is ample space for everything that you need. However, as time goes on, you may add more items to your space and begin to feel a bit crowded. It may be tempting to blame the apartment for not providing adequate space. Yet, tight living quarters often indicate a time for a change. Below are decorating tips you can use when you need more space.

Create Multi-Functioning Spaces

Most student apartments near the NCSU campus are designed to comfortably share with other people. If you try to add a lot of additional furniture, the rooms can get overcrowded. Allow your existing furniture to serve dual purposes and take advantage of the areas that are already used. For instance, instead of adding bookcases and shelves, use containers that can fit under your bed to store extra clothes, school supplies, or personal items. Also, you can double hang the items in your closet and use wall hooks for belts, scarves, and other accessories.


Although apartments near the NCSU campus are attractive and stylish, you will not enjoy the design when your room is cluttered. The more items you pack inside, the smaller it will seem. Because of your busy schedule, you do not have to tackle the rooms at one time. Instead, stash a box or bag by the door and carry items out every time you leave. These items should include outfits you no longer wear, books from classes that already ended, anything else you do not need. Your apartment will look much bigger and you will have greater peace of mind.

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