Decorating An Apartment Rental In Newnan

When a new tenant moves into an Apartment Rental in Newnan, they will most likely want to personalize the interior of the home to suit their specific desires. When renting, it is necessary to use decorating tactics that will not alter the interior of the rented space permanently. Here are some ideas a tenant can try in giving their rented apartment a temporary personal touch.

Ask The Landlord For Specifics Before Making Changes

It is best to find out if there are any rules regarding the decorating of an apartment before moving into the space. An itemized list of these rules can be requested so the decorating done will not fall into any of the categories provided. Some landlords will allow for painting or using nails in walls, while others will request that alterations are done by management instead. Knowing what is not allowed will aid in making the right choices in switching the appearance of the apartment without violating rules.

Use Removable Hooks To Decorate Walls With Adornments

It is a good idea to use stick-on hooks on walls, ceilings, or doors instead of using hardware which could cause damage to these areas. Plastic or metal hooks with a sticky backing will allow for the hanging of planters, pictures, mirrors, or shelves without physically altering surfaces in the process. If the tenants decides to move out, the hooks can be easily removed.

Switch The Look With Provided Items

The light fixtures in an apartment can be swapped with new ones if desired. In addition, hardware such as drawer pulls and knobs can be removed and switched to a different style with ease. These items can be stored in a closet or drawer to be put back in their original locations if the tenants decides to vacate the apartment.

Use Plants And Material To Give Rooms Color

Decorate rooms with floral arrangements in colorful planters. These can be placed on tables or in corners to give rooms a new look. Rugs can be used to enhance floors and blankets can be used to give furniture a burst of color.

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