Decorate Outdoors with Fine Wicker Patio Furniture

When you love spending time outdoors it only makes sense that you want a ‘livable’ space while you are there. Bring living space outdoors with wicker patio furniture in Myrtle Beach. There are many decorating ideas you can use whether you share a backyard with neighbors, you have a terrace, or your very own spacious yard. Consider putting in a patio that can house a wicker dinning and lounging set. When you decorate with wicker furniture you are also showing that you choose eco-friendly furniture that is sustainable. Stay green indoors and outdoors with fine wicker furnishings.

Go Rustic with Different Styles of Wicker

There are many wicker styles in which to choose, including a more rustic tone and style. Going rustic gives an outdoor vibe that is natural and comfortable. Select rich tones such as reds, deep browns or go with lighter neutral versions. The same goes for fabrics, stay away from bright, colorful fabrics and choose more deep tones that are attractive. You can always accentuate with pillows that bring out a more rustic look too.

Make a Bold Statement with Wicker and Metal

Wicker and metal look good together. A thick metal coffee table can be paired with wicker furniture to make a bold statement. This is considered to be an industrial style, which can still be accomplished with the use of wicker furniture. Show your true design style using metal and wicker.

What Material Designs Should You Use?

Deciding what material designs you should use is one of the most fun aspects of picking out new wicker furniture. This is especially true when you use the services of factories that afford you the ability to pick the exact fabric you would like your furniture to have. Consider matching the overall outdoor décor with complimentary colors and patterns. This includes rugs, curtains, pillows, furniture covers and the overall design style you choose for your outdoor living space.

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