Dealing With TMJ In Fort Worth

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Dentistry

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If you find yourself grinding your teeth in the middle of the night, or clenching your jaw when you are at work or in the car, there is a decent chance that you are causing some type of TMJ. Temporomandibular disorders (typically known as TMD, though sometimes indentified as TMJ) occurs when one puts stress on the jaw joints that are used when they chew. It is common in those who deal with stress on a regular basis, and it can get worse over time if it is not properly treated. When you notice that you are having pain as you chew, or you are grinding your teeth or clenching your jaw to the point that you wake up with pain in the “sides” of your mouth, it is important that you take the time to talk to your dentist about it, as they will be able to suggest items that can help with TMJ in Fort Worth.

Because there are other types of issues that can cause pain around the mandibles of your jaw, it is important that you don’t jump to conclusions when it comes to pain. Common tooth pain ion the side of your mouth could case TMJ-like symptoms, as can sinus pressure, arthritis, gum disease, and other issues. Your dentist will do a thorough patient history search on you to see if there are in danger of TMJ, and do a thorough examination to get an idea of whether or not the issue is something that is common of TMJ.

There are a variety of treatments for TMJ in Fort Worth. A dentist may suggest that you use a mouth guard when you sleep to help shield your teeth from grinding when you sleep. They may also suggest that you see your doctor about stress relieving medications that can help in the amount that you clench your jaw during the day. Finally, if the situation is serious enough they may suggest that you have surgery to help relieve the strain on the sides of your jaw. When you are looking for professionals that can help you out, you want to check out Professional Smiles.