Dealing with Back Pain in Corinth MS

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Health

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There is nothing that takes the joy out of living faster than having to deal with chronic back pain. Back pain can be a result of a sports injury, accident, soft tissue injury and other types of dislocation. People that have been having back pain for a long time have probably tried all the available treatment alternatives for the problem. These include the use of painkillers to alleviate the pain, surgery and at times even acupuncture. However, one of the treatment options that are considered very effective in dealing with back pain in Corinth, MS is chiropractics. Here is what you need to know about back pain and benefits of chiropractics.


The causes of back pain: Myths and reality


Slouching and back pain


There are many myths that are attached to the development of back pain. Some people claim that to avoid back ache, you should always sit up straight. While slouching is bad for your back, sitting upright, especially if you are going to do it for a long period is also very harmful for your back. You should therefore combine sitting and standing as part of your day to day life to avoid excessive back pains.


Squatting and back pain


Another myth that is related to back pain is that one must avoid lifting heavy objects if they want to avoid back pain. The problem with lifting heavy objects isn’t about the amount of weight that is being lifted, but it’s more about the lifting techniques that are used. A good lift should be performed by squatting close to the object that needs lifting with the back straight and head upright. After holding the project firmly, you should stand and use the legs to lift the weight. Avoid twisting the body as this is what causes back pain.


Bed rest to cure Back Pain in Corinth MS


Another myth that is circulated about back pain is that the only way to deal with back pain is complete bed rest. While resting will prevent the back from having to strain, it is recommended that exercise and therapy be applied to avoid worsening the pain.


These are some of the common myths that are associated with back pain. To have your back pain dealt with by professionals, go to.