Custom Machining Services

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Machinery and Equipment

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The need for machining services is not only greater than ever before, but it has also become more streamlined and, therefore, more available. Custom machining services, rather than being accessible only to large-scale operations, can now be utilized by individual designers and start-up businesses.

What Is Machining?

Machining is the creation of a machine part, en masse, done in such a way that each part is identical to the last. Long ago, before the advent of CNC machining, it was necessary for each part to be carved or forged by hand. In this way, ensuring the parts were identical and interchangeable was complicated and often problematic.

A Precise Machining Method

Machining is a cutting process that uses what is known as a milling cutter for the purpose of removing material from a workpiece surface. The alternative is drilling though this method is much more efficient and much more precise. With it, the tool cuts into and exists the material repeatedly, with material pushed from the workspace in clumps or chips. This is where machining differs from standard carving or drilling methods that have been used for centuries past.

They not only have the tools to complete the machining process, but they also have the software. Using a CAD-like environment, they can create your item before it is developed on the factory floor. This could be considered a ?green? method as no materials are wasted in attempting to ?get it right?. They are now living in a time where they can get it right the first time, right down to the most minute detail. Machining creates outstanding opportunities and can be used for the creation of any part, large or small.

Tall Orders

Their facilities are more than capable of handling any job at any capacity. This means anything from creating your first prototype for proof of concept, to an entire line of machined parts for use in your already mass produced machines. Whatever it is you need, they have the capacity for it, and they are ready to produce.

Are you ready to have your parts produced? Take a look at their services and give them a call or e-mail for a quote. They are equipped and ready to take whatever you send their way. Let us take your part and bring it from concept, all the way to reality with proper machining.