Custom Built Flatbeds in Fresno CA Provide Many Options

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Automotive

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For many Fresno CA businesses, a platform or flatbed truck is absolutely essential. Flatbeds give you a lot of options when it comes to hauling or shipping goods or equipment. However, a typical platform style truck bed may not be perfect for your business and this could cost you more than you realize. This is why many companies are choosing custom built flatbeds and here is some important information to consider.

Side Rails

Some platform truck beds have no rails or the ones they have do not suit your purpose very well. For example, they could be too high, low or simply not sturdy enough. Your custom truck bed builder can give you any type of rails you like. They can be made from wood or steel and if you want mesh rails, this is not a problem.

Perhaps you sometimes need rails, but you also haul oversized loads and you need a platform bed with no rails. Ask your custom bed service to build you rails which can easily be removed or taken down. You can have swing out or fold down rails which serve all your needs. There is no limit on what kind of side rails you can have, when you go with a custom built flatbeds company in Fresno CA.

End Gates

What kind of end gate do you really need? Your custom truck bed service is there to give you left handed or right handed hinge, bottom hinge and many other designs. You also can have dock bumpers placed on the tail plate.

Lift Gates

Are you loads extremely heavy and hard to handle? Your custom built flatbeds company in Fresno CA can design and build the perfect lift gate for your business. This will make it much easier and safer for you and your employees.