Cubicle Curtain Track Designs Can Complement Your Healthcare Facility

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Doors & Windows

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Although cubicle curtains are essential for a healthcare facility, they’re only as worthwhile as a part that’s not as noticeable: the cubicle curtain track. Keep reading to learn about a few styles of tracks that may be appropriate for your environment.


Suspended Tracks


These options are ideal if you’re trying to equip a room that has very high or uneven ceilings that can’t accommodate a classic track system. Whereas traditional systems usually have a single piece that houses wheels to move a curtain, suspended versions have extra parts that come down from the ceiling and make the curtains easier to reach. This type of cubicle hospital curtain track works well if you’re looking for something that could reduce the strain healthcare workers sometimes experience after excessive overhead reaching.


Psychiatric Tracks


When patient safety is a particular concern, these can help make sure you’re doing everything possible to keep residents from harming themselves or others. Some possibilities have plastic pieces that pop out and disengage if a person applies an unusual amount of pressure to a curtain. Also, this type of cubicle curtain track is usually installed with tamper-resistant screws.


Flexible Tracks

These options are great if you’re going through a facility renovation and want to choose privacy curtain tracks that can conform to almost any room configuration. Some can even be quickly shaped by hand, eliminating the cost and timing concerns required when buying custom-angled pieces.


Also, there are flexible products made almost entirely from recycled materials. If you’re aiming to make your healthcare setting be as sustainable as possible, they can help you achieve that goal.


Tracks Designed for Quiet Operation


People who work in Labor and Delivery, recovery rooms, or the pediatric ward understand how it’s important to keep those areas and others as quiet as possible so that patients won’t feel overly stressed. Fortunately, some cubicle curtain track options are specifically made from materials that reduce noise, and are made in several lengths to fit a wide variety of room dimensions.


Clearly, it’s important to choose tracks that fit the purpose of each room in your healthcare facility. Keep the information above in mind if you’re getting ready to shop for a complete system or a few replacement parts so it’ll be easier to make appropriate choices.


Shop with the Cube Care Company to find a broad selection of cubicle curtain track possibilities to suit your expectations. If what you’re looking for is not available in the inventory, it can be ordered.