Crucial Questions To Ask A Home Care Agency

by | May 10, 2017 | Healthcare

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Home health care provides seniors as well as other individuals who require assistance, help to remain in their home rather than relocating to a long-term care facility. Searching for the best home care agency for your loved one can be extremely stressful. It may seem overwhelming, having several agencies to choose from. What should you look for in an agency? What are some essential questions you should ask?

Leaving that special person in someone’s care is not easy. Your main concern is their health and safety which should be shared by the home care agency you choose. Take your time while interviewing each agency you’re considering. There are several questions you should ask in order to feel comfortable with your decision. This not only gives you a better understanding of their procedures, it also helps you get to know their staff members.

Top Questions You Should Ask a Home Care Agency

 * How many years have you served in this community?
 * Is the agency licensed and bonded?
 * How are employees selected?
 * What type of training and qualifications are required by your employees?
 * To ensure the quality of care, how closely supervised is patient care?
 * Are references available for each caregiver?
 * In what ways are client confidentiality protected?
 * Will a patient care plan be created with input from the patient, their family members as well as their doctor?
 * If or when a problem occurs, how will it be resolved?
 * Who can the patient or family member call if or when there is a problem?
 * In the case of emergencies, what procedures do you have in place?

You likely have many more questions you want to ask. To ensure none are forgotten, try writing them down as you think of them before your scheduled interview with a home care agency.

After your questions have all been answered, making a choice for the best home care agency for your loved one will be easy.

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