Create a Unique and Beautiful Virginia Wedding with Wood Flowers

There are many decisions to make when planning a wedding, and choosing the right flowers is an important one. Real flowers are lovely, but they are expensive. They eventually wilt, and you have nothing left to keep. Silk flowers can look artificial, but the wood flowers wedding planners trust are beautiful and can provide several benefits.

Vibrant Colors

Wood flowers are hand-carved from Tapioca roots. They are lightweight and have an ivory color. While this is striking, they can also be dyed. This gives you an unlimited choice of colors to pick from. Each shade is vibrant and beautiful. You can easily mix and match colors to create wonderful bouquets that will be perfect for your wedding.


Wood flowers eliminate many of the most common concerns when choosing wedding flowers. You will not have to worry about a certain bloom not being in season, and wilting is never a problem. Summer or winter, your wedding flowers will be amazing.

Excellent Souvenirs

When you use wood flowers in your wedding bouquets, they can serve as both the flowers and a special gift for each bridesmaid. All of your attendants will have a lovely treasure that they can take home with them and keep forever. Unlike real blossoms, they will never wilt or die.

If you would like to enjoy the wood flowers wedding coordinators rely on for beauty, it is easy to get started. Visit Wood Flowers Co. at to see what is available and begin your consultation.

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