Cosmetic Dentistry in Waterford CT can Use Lumineers to Reshape Teeth

by | Mar 10, 2015 | Dental Care

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People who have oddly-shaped teeth are often too self-conscious to smile. They suffer from unnecessary embarrassment for years. In only two visits, Cosmetic Dentistry in Waterford CT treatments can solve their problem. The dentist can apply Lumineers to the front of their teeth to reshape them. Lumineers are a particular brand of durable dental veneers. They are much thinner than other types of veneers. Therefore, the dentist does not have to remove large amounts of enamel in order for the Lumineers to fit into the gums properly. If the patient wants to remove the Lumineers from their teeth in the future, they have that choice. Teeth are less sensitive because less tooth enamel was removed.

Because there is far less tooth preparation than with other types of veneers, there is no need for any local anesthetic. This Cosmetic Dentistry in Waterford CT treatment begins with the dentist taking an impression of the upper and lower teeth. The molds must be sent to a certified Lumineers dental laboratory to ensure that the enamel covering is formed properly. Because the dentist did not have to drill the underlying teeth into extreme shapes or remove large amounts of tooth enamel, there is no need for the patient to wear acrylic veneers while they wait for the Lumineers to be completed.

In about two weeks, the patient returns to have the dentist bond the Lumineers in place. First the dentist makes sure that the Lumineers are the correct shade of white and that they fit properly. He will be very careful to make sure that the patient’s bite is perfect. This will prevent the patient from cracking any of the veneers while they chew. The dentist then lightly etches the teeth to ensure the veneers attach securely. The bonding process is so strong that the patient will be able to eat anything they want to. Lumineers last much longer than other types of veneers. With the proper dental care, they can last up to 30 years.

Matyas & Matyas are one of the dental practices in Waterford that are certified to install Lumineers. People can set up an appointment to learn more about veneers and how they can help their smile.