Cooling Homes Responsibly: Whole House Exhaust Fans in San Diego, California

by | Jun 9, 2015 | Solar

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Everybody wants to save the world, but very few want to be uncomfortable while they do so. When people have spent their lives with basic comforts, it can be very difficult to let go of those things which have provided that comfort. Climate control inside a home is an obvious example. Not only does stay warm or cool keep people happy, this is an instance where it often involves safety as well. Hypothermia and heat exhaustion are real, and there are plenty of news reports of people who succumb to each every year.

The green movement has realized that it is not enough to ask or expect people to just give up more of their life. While reducing waste and becoming less materialistic is important, there does come a point where people can no longer give. This is when innovation has to take over and make it possible for people to have both a green lifestyle and a comfortable home.

In regards to how to keep a home comfortable without needing to have an air conditioner cycling relentlessly, particularly in warm climates, green companies have been focusing their efforts on fans. House fans have been popular for decades and used in homes for over 100 years. The probably has been that they are typically only effective at cooling a small portion of a home. Beyond the area where they blow their breeze, there is rarely and discernible drop in temperature.

This is why companies have developed Whole House Exhaust Fans San Diego CA homeowners can use to cool their homes and save energy. These fans are designed to pull in cool air and push out the warm air. It has been proven to cool attics by as much as 30 degrees and drop the temperature in the rest of the house as a result. The additional comfort factor it creates will be similar to what is possible with a central air system, but the electric bill will be much less.

If you are interested in learning more about the Whole House Exhaust Fans San Diego CA companies have available today, check out They explain how these systems work and what to expect during their use. They also offer many additional tips for lowering home and business energy costs.