Consult an Austin Texas DWI Lawyer for Legal Advice

When you’ve been accused of a DWI or another criminal act, you have a limited window of time to take action and hire a legal representative you can trust. By the time you enter a plea, you should be fully aware of what you’re being accused of, your rights, and what you can expect. Regardless of whether or not it’s your first offense, being accused of driving while intoxicated presents very serious consequences. It benefits you and your case to seek the guidance of an Austin Texas DWI lawyer, especially if you feel you’ve been wrongfully charged. It’s up to you to ensure that your rights and your future are protected.


Severe Consequences
Sentences for certain offenses can be more lenient, and will allow the offender to hopefully learn from their experience without harsh consequences. This isn’t so for DWI, especially in the state of Texas. Penalties for driving while intoxicated are anything but lenient and serve not only as punishments, but as deterrence to drivers. It’s important never to assume you’re safe because it’s your first offense. Hefty fines, jail time, and probation are all possible sentences for even a first-time conviction. Whatever the charges against you, it’s crucial that you have a legal safety net. An Austin Texas DWI lawyer will review the details of your case and assist you accordingly.


It’s Your Right
Without a lawyer, your chances of gaining a favorable outcome are considerably lessened than if you were to have one. Many cases can be resolved without going to court or even hiring legal representation; however, criminal cases are not generally part of that norm. If an individual is believed to have committed a crime, barring their guilt or innocence, they have the right to adequate defense. When your freedom, finances, and future are on the line, why not choose the best?


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