Considerations When Shopping for Used Pontoon Boats for Sale in Discovery Bay

If you don’t have much boating experience, shopping for a new or used pontoon boat for sale in Discovery Bay can be difficult. New options are often expensive, and a previously owned boat can save money. It’s helpful to know what types of questions to ask. Here are a few to get you started.

How Much Deck Space Is Needed?

The size of the open deck depends on the length of the boat. The tube length of pontoons is listed, so you’ll know how much space you have. Also, the size of the deck directly correlates to the power and speed of the vessel.

Inspect the Vessel and Equipment

When looking at used pontoon boats for sale in Discovery Bay, make sure it is on a platform or trailer to provide a view of the underside. Look for damages to the hull. Look at the gauges to make sure they work accurately.

Check the Motor

While shopping at a boat dealership, ask how many hours the engine was used. While this is not the only factor used to determine whether you buy, the seller should be able to give you this information freely. Also, check the engine for white marks indicating gas has escaped.

If you are ready to shop for used pontoon boats for sale in Discovery Bay, visit NorCal MasterCraft for more information.

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