Considerations When Deciding to Order Landscaping Rock in San Marcos, TX

Many property owners want to order landscaping rock in San Marcos, TX to beautify the property, and create boundaries between gardens, plantings around buildings, and the yard. They may have numerous questions for a representative at companies like Loftin Trucking & Materials.

Weed Prevention

One question is how to prevent weeds from popping up in these rock areas. There are a couple of effective preventive measures, but often, it’s easiest simply to walk around the property once a week and pull weeds by hand. This shouldn’t take very long, and gradually, the problem will decrease.

If this isn’t satisfactory, the property owners can use limited applications of environmentally friendly targeted herbicides. Another option is to have landscaping technicians add black woven plastic fabric to the ground before placing the rock. Water drains through, but weeds cannot grow in this environment. It can be difficult to keep the fabric hidden from view, however, as rocks shift and small wildlife critters dig around in the loose stone.

How to Transport the Material

Commercial property owners may want a full dump truck of landscaping rock brought to their location, while others want a relatively minimal amount for a small yard. Many companies supplying landscaping rock in San Marcos, TX can accommodate nearly any order by using trucks of various sizes.

Customers also have the option of picking up an order of limestone, gravel or other stones with their truck or trailer. They’ll need to figure out how much decorative rock or other material they can safely haul. For instance, a half-ton pickup typically can haul half a cubic yard of gravel.

Reasons to Choose Rock Instead of Mulch

People may want to know whether they should choose rock or mulch, as they have probably seen both used in landscaping. Rock costs more upfront, but it doesn’t have to be replaced, while mulch does need replacement every two or three years. Eventually, enough small stones may be lost from the landscaping areas that property owners will want to order more to add to those beds. Many individuals simply prefer the look of loose stone and the numerous options available. Visit to see possibilities.

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