Conneticut, Where Modern Acrylic Art Meets Naturalistic Wood Furniture

Acrylic art, whether poured or painted, always has some element of fascination to it. Nothing could be truer about some amazing tables and side buffet pieces made in a Connecticut furniture shop. Naturalistic slabs of ancient trees are used to create a rustic furniture look, but then liquid acrylic is used to create channels between the slabs. Overall, the furniture becomes more than furniture; it’s art. There is more to explore about these dining tables from Connecticut.

Rough-Hewn Burled Oak, Reclaimed Walnut, and Elm

If you have never seen rough-hewn slices of ancient trees, they are something to behold. In the case of these artistic wood and acrylic dining tables from Connecticut, you can see the ancient lines of these once-massive trees. Each of the slabs comes from a tree that was too old to stand upright anymore, making the tables as eco-friendly as they are fascinating. Many of the tables are made from reclaimed walnut taken from fallen trees and old barns in Turkey, but there are many pieces made from burled oak and elm too. Because every slab of wood is unique unto itself, no two tables are alike. Similarly, other pieces of furniture will not look like any other piece, and “matching” sets are only matching based on the type of wood and the color of acrylic resin used to fuse the wood into a solid piece.

Acrylic Resin

This medium is capturing the art and craftsmanship worlds by storm. After solidifying and drying, the tables and other pieces are buffed to a glass-like shine. Colors of resin, such as blue, green, aqua, etc., add color for an amazing effect.

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