Comprehensive Services for Commercial Air Conditioning in Lakeland, FL

by | Apr 11, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning is essential in Florida, not only because of the heat, but because of the high levels of humidity as well. If your location is not cool and comfortable, you will lose business. If your system is down for a day, that loss may only be temporary. You do, however, run the risk of that customer finding goods and services elsewhere. In that case, you may have lost a regular customer permanently. You can take some preventative steps to decrease the likelihood of your Commercial Air Conditioning in Lakeland FL, failing. Have your system cleaned and your air filters changed before the warmer weather begins.

Proper maintenance can keep your system operating effectively. An inspection of your air conditioning to make sure coils are clear and connections are secure is important. This can also alert you to any minor repairs that should be taken care of quickly. Minor repairs become major repairs?or even make replacement a necessity, in a short time period. Seek out a company that has a maintenance plan that can save you time and money. Some companies offer perks to customers once they have begun a plan. Things like no extra charges for weekend calls or a percentage off?the cost of parts and labor. Most companies have details regarding what is covered by a maintenance plan on their websites.

If you do a replacement for your Commercial Air Conditioning in Lakeland FL, the type you chose can translate to a significant savings in electricity. Air conditioning systems are rated by Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The higher the SEER number, the lower your costs for operating the system. For example, a SEER of 10 means a savings of up to 20% and a SEER of 13 can save you up to 38% on electricity bills. The chart starts at 8, which gives you no change in your bills. The highest number, 19.5, can potentially save you up to 59% in operating costs. The company you decide upon for sales and installations of systems can recommend a size and brand of air conditioning to meet your business and budgetary needs.