Comprehensive Rotating Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services for Consistent and Full-Scale Operations

Refineries, paper mills, power plants, ethanol plants or other businesses that implement rotating equipment will need consistent repair, maintenance, parts replacement and complete overhauls of such machinery as reciprocating compressors, centrifuges and high and low-speed inline pumps while meeting the specific needs of each.
Types of Services for Rotating Equipment

Rotating equipment repair handles all types of rotating equipment for standard and emergency applications. The following are examples of machinery and services.

Reciprocating Compressors

Preventative maintenance, overhaul, or startup aid, including:

• Cylinder inspection

• Frame re-torque

• Valve replacement

• Cup repair

• Packing replacement

• Crack case repair

• Rod motor packing and alignment

• Crack case repair

• Rod motor packing and alignment

Centrifugal Compressors

This included regular and comprehensive services for centrifugal compressors, including full overhaul, seal repair or replacement or inspection of the diaphragm rotor. These services constitute insurance against fewer breakdowns and supply boosted performance, improved productivity and reduced operating costs, maintaining production deadlines and service schedules.

Low-Speed and High-Speed Inline Pumps

Specialized rotating equipment repair keeps pumps working at full capacity. This service can extend to:

• Seal replacement

• Alignment services

• Major overhaul or replacement

• Shaft and impeller replacement

• Coordination for new pumps

• Trouble shooting

Quality Assurance

Highly trained personnel with centuries of joint experience in rotating machinery service at a turnkey provider can offer specialized services for gas turbines, steam turbines and precision rotating equipment at power plants, refineries, ethanol plants and paper mills. These services can also encompass emergent outages, planned maintenance and balance-of-plant, often domestically or worldwide.

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