Completing Septic Pumping in Bellingham, WA Before a Residential Real Estate Transaction

Even in areas where townships, counties, and state laws do not require septic tank pumping before the close of a real estate transaction, it’s a common standard to have this done. The buyers want to make sure the system is inspected and found to have no flaws. Septic Pumping in Bellingham WA also ensures the new residents are starting with a tank that’s almost empty.

Disclosure Requirements

All states require real estate sellers to disclose known problems with a septic system. If the buyers have not been told about a problem and discover it later, they can force the sellers to pay for repairs or a replacement. The buyers, however, must find some evidence that the sellers knew or should have known about this issue with the system. Perhaps there is a record of a recent sewer backup that was managed by a company like Burke Septic.

This Property Is Condemned

If the problem is serious enough, the property is condemned by the authorities. A drainfield that no longer functions effectively is one of the more common reasons for rural property condemnation. This essentially means the home is not considered habitable for health and safety reasons until the problem is fixed.

Why Drainfields Fail Prematurely

A drainfield can fail if the household routinely overloads the system, causing the tank to overflow and spill solid waste into the field. A  system failure also can occur if anyone frequently drives vehicles over the top of the field. Doing so packs the soil down so it no longer percolates liquid as it should.

Keeping the System Functioning

People who have never lived outside of the city limits may find their ideal home just far enough beyond the boundary that it has a well and septic tank. They may hesitate to buy a place with this type of equipment, but they should feel reassured by the large numbers of homeowners who rely on their private wastewater removal system. With Septic Pumping in Bellingham WA completed as recommended, and using certain strategies to keep everything functioning properly, the household should not experience sewer backups or other problems.

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