Company Offers Office Space, Storage Units, and Apartments in Newnan, GA

There have been reports on the news of unfortunate people who’ve chosen the wrong storage facility to store their belongings. They don’t realize dampness can cause toxic mold to grow on their possessions if the unit isn’t climate controlled. If they didn’t take the time to read their contract, they’ll be very surprised to find out there’s nothing they can do about the ruined belongings. A good company with climate-controlled storage units, in a well lit and protected area, is the only way to fully protect important possessions when going away or until a larger home is found.

If you’re moving and need to store items until moving day, Contact Greison Storage, a well known company in Newnan that offers conventional storage. Whether clients need a huge 20×30 space to store office equipment or a 5×10 foot storage area to store clothing and other items, the company has 1,000 storage units available to choose from. They’re a one-stop shop, not only offering storage space, but they also offer rental homes and office space in the area. Some of the fully climate controlled storage units hold as many belongings as a family would use in a four or five bedroom home.

Most of the storage companies have websites that show all the sizes of units they have. They feature apartments in Newnan GA, along with available commercial office space. Since people are moving every day, they need help to store their possessions. Finding a place to live in the interim of being relocated and choosing a respected storage company gives them peace of mind. The companies with rental properties available have houses and apartments located in safe areas along tree-lined streets. Prices on some of the homes start at just $600 per month.

If a larger home isn’t needed, apartments in Newnan GA start at $535 per month. Some are located in town while others are located in quaint and quiet areas close to schools. Companies everywhere are constantly relocating executives who need a place to stay while in the area, so these fine homes away from home are exceptional and provide a safe haven for them. Whether your company needs to store office equipment, or it needs a new office space, you’ll find what you need in Newnan, GA.

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