Commonly Asked Questions About Hvac Duct Cleaning Redmond WA

by | Oct 25, 2016 | HVAC Cleaning

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The air ducts in any home see quite a bit of traffic, especially during extreme temperatures. However, many homeowners wonder if it is really necessary to invest in Hvac Duct Cleaning Redmond WA. In fact, many people have the same questions and finding out the answers can help anyone make an educated decision regarding whether or not they should invest in this service.

What are Signs that Air Duct Cleaning Could be Beneficial?

Hvac Duct Cleaning Redmond WA is not really something a person has to wonder about. There are some telltale signs this service is necessary.

  • Long-term or permanent water damage in the air duct
  • Slime, mildew, microbial or mold growth
  • A buildup of debris that restricts the flow of air
  • Cobwebs, dust or other debris that can be seen from the registers
  • Bad smells coming from the ducts

Is Air Duct Cleaning Really that Important?

During normal operation, dirt and dust can begin to accumulate in the ductwork and result in microbial growth. Studies have shown that duct cleaning is effective at reducing this growth and increasing the system efficiency. In cases of extreme accumulation, once the ducts are cleaned, efficiency can improve by as much as 40 percent.

How are the Ducts Cleaned?

The HVAC duct cleaning services in Redmond WA process depends on how much buildup is present in the ducts. Trained professionals will inspect every duct by opening each access panel. Once they are sure cleaning is necessary, the equipment will be brought in. In addition to cleaning the ducts, diffusers, air vents and return ducts, the system will also undergo maintenance and a routine cleaning, ensuring every aspect of the HVAC system is clean and operating at top efficiency.

Is Duct Cleaning Safe?

Due to certain safety issues, duct cleaning will be done when the home is unoccupied. There is special equipment the professionals will use to ensure the air quality in the home remains safe. Some of this equipment includes containment barriers, ventilation equipment, filters and more.

Many homeowners don’t think much about the state of their ducts. However, if they fail to have them cleaned or maintained on a regular basis, serious issues can arise. More information about professional duct cleaning can be found by contacting the staff at Vacu-Man Furnace Air Duct Cleaning in Redmond WA.