Common Retirement Planning Myths

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Financial Services

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When it comes to retirement income strategies, sometimes people can get the wrong ideas about what to do or where to start. There are common myths that keep some from preparing for their financial future. If you’re holding onto some of these ideas, then it’s time to learn the difference between fact and fiction. We’ve listed some common misconceptions about retirement income below.


I’m Afraid of the Risks


While planning retirement income may seem like a daunting proposition, there are many ways to help you minimize potential risks. With the guidance of a licensed insurance agent, you can develop a retirement income strategy that works best for you and your financial goals.


It’s Too Late to Start


No matter what stage you are at in your life, there’s no reason why you can’t start today. There are many popular options, such as fixed index annuities, that can help enable you to financially live comfortably during your retirement despite getting a late start.


I’ll Be Okay Doing it Myself


You should always seek the help of a licensed insurance agent when you’re ready to start your retirement income planning. They can help you devise a strategy that works best for you. When you find an agent, let them know what your goals are, and how you would like to achieve them. You will find great value in their services, and may come to rely on them for other insurance related matters in your life.


Whether you’re looking into fixed index annuities, or other insurance products, don’t let these myths hold you back. It’s your future and your money – take control of it.


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