CNC Machining Is Much More Than Just Slicing Steel: Other Services Provided

CNC precision machining in Minnesota has a lot to offer. Instead of offering just steel cutting and slicing, these companies offer a lot more. A few examples of what they offer in addition to steel slicing and cutting follow.

Metal Stamping

Metal stamping punches and sometimes even punctures are produced during the metal stamping process. The effect created is desired because the customers want the chosen metal to appear a certain way for either functional or decorative purposes. Metal stamping can also be used to bend and shape products when the required order of products is large and continuous. (Think door jams as part of a door handle set.) In conjunction with cutting, slicing, and machining metal into shapes, stamping is an equally popular request.

Plastic Injection Molding

No one would ever associate plastic injection molding with CNC precision machining in Minnesota, but that is exactly something this company hopes for. It means they can promote an industrial service that customers would not expect from a machining company and promote a one-stop-shop for these needs. Even more importantly, they can inject mold plastics of any color for any part of any size and shape.


Besides the previously mentioned services, you can ask for grinding services too. Grinding helps minimize the size of something or remove excess material after cutting machining, or injection molding. Grinding is often the refinement process that comes at the end of production, although you may find it useful for more careful and precise removal of fractions of materials to get the perfect product.

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