Climate-Controlled Self Storage in Lubbock TX Is Important for Numerous Types of Belongings

Renting Self Storage in Lubbock TX is a convenient option for many people. Some customers of storage facilities need climate-controlled units because they want to include possessions that should not be kept in places with extreme temperatures. The Lubbock region is characterized by many hot summer days and it also experiences some below-freezing temperatures during the winter. Fortunately, high humidity is not a problem in this area.

Various Materials

High heat can damage many types of materials over time. Wood and leather may crack, resulting in damage to wood tables, leather couches, and leather jackets. Photos may turn yellow and camera film deteriorates.

Videotapes and cassette tapes also can deteriorate, losing their quality and becoming susceptible to breaking. Vinyl albums can warp in excessive heat, even if the humidity is not high. The quality of paintings also can be compromised in high temperatures.

Foods and Beverages

Facilities providing self storage in Lubbock TX do not allow perishable food items or food stored in containers that insects and rodents can chew through. These facilities have excellent pest control methods in place, but plastic bags of grain and cardboard boxes of cereal products can easily attract those critters.

Customers generally are allowed to store canned goods and beverages in glass bottles, but those items should not be subjected to freezing or hot temperatures. Everything from canned fruit to soft drinks or wine can be ruined in the heat.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments and their accessories also should only be stored in units where they are not subject to extremes in temperatures. That includes string, woodwind, and brass instruments, as well as keyboards and amplifiers. Wood and electronics are especially vulnerable to damage from heat and cold.

Electronic Devices

In addition to amplifiers and electric keyboards, other sensitive electronic devices should be stored in units with temperature control. Television sets, DVD players, stereo equipment and computer equipment are examples.

The Best Features of Storage Units

In addition to climate control, customers of storage facilities want the place to be clean and dry, and completely secure. These features characterize facilities such as Business name. Contact us to get prices on units of various sizes.

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