Chronic Pain Can Be Treated For A Pain Free Life

by | May 6, 2016 | Physician

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Over a hundred million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Those that don’t suffer from it can never really understand the continuous agony that plagues those that do. Chronic pain comes in many forms and can attack the central nervous system to radiate in joints and bones anywhere in the body. At Aspire Pain Medical Center specialists will evaluate each case and create plans to help patients cope with their condition.

Chronic Pain often develops after a person has been injured in an accident or contracted an illness or infection. Often those that are suffering find that they are overly stressed about the pain, which in fact, can make it worse. Pain management specialists utilize methods unique to each individual’s case to minimize the pain as much as possible so those who suffer can lead a normal life.

Some of the non-surgical methods used to aid in chronic back pain management are:

* Epidural nerve blocks
* involve using a needle to place nerve-numbing medication to alleviate back pain.
* Facet joint injections
* involve injecting a small dose of numbing or steroid medication to block the pain in the facet joints.
* Acupuncture
* an Eastern method of pain relief involves placing very thin needles in strategic locations of the body to block pain.
* Radio-frequency neurotomy
* is the use of radio waves and heat to reduce pain in an affected area. It is often used after an injury.
* Sacroiliac injections
* consist of
* injecting medication into the joints which have been determined to be the prevalent source of pain. This action blocks the source of pain allowing the back, hips, buttocks and lower extremities to be free of pain.

The methods listed above are only a small compilation of the possibilities used by the specialists at Aspire Pain Medical Center. Patients who suffer will participate in a comprehensive examination to determine where and why the pain exists. Once the point of origin has been identified, a method of treatment will be developed and started as soon as possible to help the patient get relief. Sometimes surgery may be necessary, but it is not a first resort for most patients. There are many alternative treatments available to offer patients long-term comfort.

The specialists at Aspire have the education, experience and caring attitude to help people live their lives pain free. Chronic Pain is a real condition. With the proper attention and treatment pain can be regulated. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates!