Chris Dixon Financial Advisor

Chris Dixon is the financial advisor and managing partner of the Oxford Advisory Group. He is a registered financial consultant and his services are mainly focused on working with people who are about to retire or are looking to plan for their retirement.

The aim of Chris Dixon work is to talk with his clients, looking over their long term financial goals and finding the best way to help them meet those goals. Another extension of his work with the Oxford Advisory Group is his regular seminar on taxes in retirement, allowing people to learn more about ways to handle their money better and to lower taxes where possible.

In addition to this, Chris also co-presents the radio show Reinventing Retirement on WFLA 9.31 as well as WORL 105.5 during the weekend alongside his brother and fellow managing partner Samuel. This is a further opportunity to reach a wider audience.

During the show, Chris and Samuel use the radio platform to talk about issues such as how to cut down taxes and ways in which retirees can maximise their social security benefits.

One of the mottos of the Oxford Advisory Group is “Your dreams matter”. Chris seems dedicated to this message and via his work, seminars and the radio program he has created a number of ways to help open up the conversation about retirement and give people more opportunity to learn about their options and what is available to them during this time of their lives.

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