Choosing the Right Volleyball Accessories

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Sports And Games

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If you are new to the game of volleyball, you may not know about all the different accessories available to you, but you will likely require them at some point for safety or better playing. It is important to select those that you can afford, but that will also give you the best protection and motion range. Options to consider include kneepads, socks, ankle braces, volleyball pumps and more.




Whether indoor or outdoor versions are played, kneepads are extremely important because they will protect the knee when you must drop down on one or both knees to complete the pass of the ball to the other side. Many times, the only way to save the point is to drop down, which is why they are so important.


Two options are available, including flat and bubble styles. Flat styles work well for many and are very popular. Because of that, most current styles are in a flat style. However, they are less padded on the actual knee, making it painful to drop down and play. While it is up to the person playing, most still prefer the bubble style, as it offers more padding and support of the knee. While not as popular, they can still be found through some companies.


Many brands, including Asics and Adidas, make junior kneepads, as well for younger players.




Socks are also important accessories in volleyball, though many people prefer to wear regular sports socks. Knee, crew and ankle socks are available in both solid and differing colors. Many people select socks that fit their style preference, which can include stripes or polka-dots.


For those playing outdoors, sand socks may be a better option. The low-cut options look similar to swimming socks, though they have different soles that will help you stay upright while playing in the sand. Crew and ankle versions are also available and come in different colors.


Ankle Braces


For those that enjoy volleyball but have ankle problems, accessories such as ankle braces are almost a necessity. Most of them are soft and pliable, so you can wear them over socks and with shoes. However, there are stiff versions available for after play.


Volleyball Pumps


While most balls come already filled, over time the volleyball can lose air. Hand pumps are available, as well as pocket pumps and electronic pumps so that you can air up your balls and keep them at the proper pressure.


Volleyball accessories can be fun or required, so consider purchasing yours from as they offer a large selection for the volleyball enthusiast.