Choosing the Right Terms with a Prenuptial Agreement Law Attorney in Stroudsburg, PA

In Pennsylvania, couples are utilizing prenuptial agreements to protect their assets and prevent major losses if a divorce occurs. These agreements are an invaluable concept for individuals with significant wealth. The following are details about selecting the right terms for these agreements with a prenuptial agreement law attorney in Stroudsburg, PA.

Management of Accumulated Debts

Among the terms included in a prenuptial agreement are those related to accumulated debts. This term prevents either spouse from acquiring responsibility for debts created by their spouse. The agreement enforces the responsibility of each party to manage their own debts, including those they had prior to the marriage and after the divorce.

Financial Support for Children of Previous Marriages

The agreement could include a clause that provides financial support for children of previous marriages. This could include the creation of a trust fund for each child, which guarantees that the child receives the support even if the couple gets a divorce.

Security for Each Party’s Inherited Properties and Assets

The prenup secures ownership of all inherited properties and assets to prevent either spouse from claiming these assets during the divorce. The clause in the agreement enforces ownership of these properties.

A Waiver for Alimony and Ownership of Marital Properties

The spouses may agree upon initiating a waiver of alimony, which prevents either party from requesting spousal support during a divorce. In addition to this waiver, they can make choices about the marital property in the agreements as well.

Repercussions for Violating Marital Requirements in the Agreement

The agreement also defines repercussions of violating the marital requirements outlined in the prenup. For example, there are often clauses associated with adultery. If a spouse commits adultery, they must provide the award identified in the agreement.

In Pennsylvania, couples enter into prenuptial agreements to protect themselves in the event of a divorce. These agreements outline the rights of each spouse and the right to property and assets. It also defines the responsibilities of each party during the marriage. Couples who need assistance with these agreements should contact a prenuptial agreement law attorney in Stroudsburg, PA directly or visit website for more information now.

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