Choosing The Best Penn Reels

Established by a German immigrant, Otto Henze in 1932, Penn Reels has been one of the world’s most respected fishing tackle manufacturers for almost a century. The company is still one of the best-loved in the U.S. for the huge number of different options it has on offer for fishing in the 21st-century. Choosing the best reels from the Penn brand is easy when the customer has a little knowledge about what they are fishing for.

What are you fishing for?

When walking into an outdoor specialist retailer or looking online, the sheer number of Penn Reels on offer can be off-putting but each one has a specific reason for being. If you ask for a little help from a sales associate, the first question they should ask you is what are you looking to catch? The answer you give should lead you to the right rod, reel, and fishing line to suit your needs when you are looking for the correct way of catching a specific type and size of fish. For example, fishing the rivers of the East Coast of the U.S. requires a different rod, reel, and line from Penn than heading out into the open ocean on an expedition to catch much larger fish.

Perfect for saltwater use

Penn Reels are all designed to withstand the rigors of saltwater fishing that is harsher on the metal being used. The reels produced by Penn are created in a way that ensures they will continue working for many years when used and cared for correctly. Visit the website to know more.

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