Choosing the Best Certification For Your Profession

The business analyst profession presents a vast assortment of career paths. The possibilities within the field are so numerous that many professionals express confusion as they decide to continue their education. There are three major forms of professional certification for business analysts: the PMI-PBA, the CCBA and the CBAP. Each of these certification paths will help you to fulfill different professional goals. The PMI-PBA, for instance, is ideal for business analysts who are more interested in project management positions. PMI PBA certification is ideal for

  • BA with a project or program management background/experience
  • BA with PMP certification
  • PMP certified professional /Project manager with BA responsibility

The CCBA and CBAP are most commonly chosen, but the differences between these two exams is less clear.


The CCBA, also known as the Certification of Competency in Business Analysis, allows business analysts to assume higher level career positions. However, the training time and requirements are much shorter than its CBAP counterpart. To earn your CCBA certification, you must fulfill at least 21 Professional Development hours within a four year period; 500 hours working in four out of six different knowledge areas, or 900 hours working in two out of six; and 3750 hours working that also meets BABOK requirements within a seven year span. In case you are a mid level business analyst with 3+ years of business analysis experience then CCBA may be the right certification for you.


The CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) carries the most professional clout of all three certification options. Choose this certification if you’re interested in the highest possible level of career advancement. To earn your CBAP, you must meet similar requirements to the CCBA: 20 professional development hours within a four year span; 900 hours working in four out of six knowledge areas; and 7500 hours’ worth of BABOK-aligned work within the past decade. Due to its esteem, earning your CBAP is no easy task. Many professionals seek out CBAP training in New Jersey and beyond to help them prepare.

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