Choosing Between Hiring a Cleaning Company or an Individual Cleaner

If you are someone who is currently considering hiring someone to clean your home, you might wonder whether you should choose an individual or a cleaning company. There are advantages and disadvantages with each option but making the final decision might be hard. In this article, we will look at some of the things to consider before choosing one or the other.

Serving as an Employer vs a Client

When you choose to hire an individual who offers cleaning service, you will need to choose between hiring them as an employee or a contractor. Each has specific legal and tax requirements which you will need to brush up on. On the other hand, by choosing a cleaning company, the person who visits your home is employed by the company. You act as a client, which has far less responsibilities involved.

Considering Accidents and Problems

A residential cleaning company in Houston TX is going to have the proper tools needed to do the job you want completed. An individual may as well, but this is not as certain. Beyond that, you need to consider what happens if someone is broken or someone steals something from your home. Who takes care of the liability if a worker is injured at your home? A reputable cleaning company will have proper insurance and bonding to protect you if these things occur.

Proper Pay and Benefits

Once you have determined that a cleaning company does have insurance, bonding, and is licensed, you can safely assume that their workers are employees. That means that they get a W-2 each year and likely some sort of benefits. They have their taxes withheld, enjoy safe working standards, and are covered if hurt on the job. This may not be simple to provide if you hire an individual to clean your home instead.

Why Choose a Cleaning Company?

As you can already see, there are many advantages to using a cleaning company to have your house cleaning done. You will have better luck having a set schedule, cleaning supplies will be provided, and you won’t have to deal with the nuances of taxes and insurance.

Ready Set Maids provides cleaning service for various clients in the area. We provide only skilled and experienced workers who are trustworthy and honest to come inside your home.

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