Choosing a Denture Repair Service in Westbury, New York

by | Mar 30, 2015 | Dental Care

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The time may come when you find you need to have your dentures repaired. This is something you can’t put off, simply because you may not be able to speak or chew without them. In addition, you may find you don’t want to smile without your dentures, so time is of the essence. You’ll find you have a number of options to choose from, but there are certain things you need to look for in a Denture Repair Service Westbury NY. First and foremost, you want a site capable of fixing your dentures the very same day.

Search for a Denture Repair Service Westbury NY which has a dental lab and a technician either on site or very close by. You need a dental lab as they have access to tools and equipment not found in a store. This includes denture adhesives, professional grade teeth and special acrylics to make the needed repairs. The technicians undergo special training which allows them to remodel your dentures or make a custom impression when needed.

One must be aware, however, that there are situations where dentures cannot be repaired in one day. The severity of the damage is usually what determines this. When the base is cracked, for example, the lab will need a minimum of 24 hours to complete the repair. In contrast, a chipped tooth may typically be fixed in only a matter of hours. Each technician is skilled in certain areas, thus the best way to determine which repairs they can conduct and how long the process will take would be to ask.

The one thing you should never do is glue your dentures. If you attempt to use an adhesive at home, you may do more harm than good. In fact, you could damage the dentures in such a way that they can no longer be repaired. You must replace them, and this will definitely cost more.

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