Check Out the Advanced Features on the Subaru Forester in Montclair, NJ

The 2020 line up of vehicles has, across the board, added more tech than any other year. With that comes a lot of features and outstanding opportunities for you to get into a car that you will love driving. The Subaru Forester in Montclair, NJ, is no different. There are some outstanding reasons to invest in this car over other options on the market.

What This SUV Has to Offer

As an SUV, the Subaru Forester in Montclair, NJ, has much to offer today’s buyers. That includes some of the most advanced technology for drivers. When you are behind the wheel, you have a dashboard capable of giving you updates about a range of risks. This includes helping you to stop if something comes into your path. It includes sensors that alert you about cars passing you and those that will keep you in the right lane as you get tired behind the wheel.

In addition to this, you can choose the trim package that is right for you. There are a range of features available on them like a panoramic moonroof option and a rear vision camera to improve visuals.

The Subaru Forester in Montclair, NJ, is the fully-featured vehicle you want to own. It has the modern features necessary to keep today’s drivers safe on the roads while also offering the comfort that helps to make it the unique experience you desire. For those who are looking for something new, this vehicle has it to offer.

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