Cheap Chemicals and Band-Aids: What NOT To Do to Clean Out a Clogged Drain

Grandma has a wonderful product suggestion to fix a clogged drain. The neighbor down the street suggested using a natural cleaner mixed with three or four seemingly random items pulled from an unconventional kitchen. She promises it works, but there is some serious doubt. It seems that everyone has an idea on how to clean a clog in any drain in the home. If it was so easy, there would not be Drain Right Services going out to repair sinks, bathtubs, washer hook-ups, and sewer problems in such a high capacity.

What should be done, and what should be avoided, when trying to get that drain back in proper working order?

Be Wary of Cheap Chemicals

Cleaning a clogged drain often requires more than tossing down an expensive over-the-counter chemical and letting it sit for a day. This is a glorified band-aid. Drain cleaners and bleach can cause a lot of problems for the drains. They are degrading chemicals. They are powerful, and will break down items in the drain. The unfortunate side effect of that is that they will break down the actual piping. For example, a rust spot is present in the pipes. It keeps it intact.

Bad Bleach, Bad

The combination of the bleach against the rust is seismic. It causes the rust to worsen, and the intensity of the bleach wears the piping down. What begins as a simple clog turns into a pipe burst and leak. Imagine the leak being too small to notice, and it seeps into the foundation of the property and totals the entire home. It leads to mold damage in the basement, termite holes throughout the foundation, and a long series of dramatic problems. This picture is distinct. Hire a professional, and do not jump right into over-the-counter chemicals filled with product liability disclaimers.

Some chemicals are simply not up to the task. They are too powerful (which as discussed above, will ruin pipes) or too weak, which is simply ineffective. For small clogs, they can work well. The hard part is determining if a clog is small in the first place. To see their business reviews visit Yelp page.

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