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Have You Gone Green with Corrugated Packaging?

Conducting business ethically and responsibly means understanding that sustainability of the environment is a major target and standard that customers and manufacturers should meet. Environmentally friendly products are required in all industries and packaging looks to starch additives to lead the way in lowering adhesive costs while maintaining or increasing their bond capabilities. 1 person

What to Consider When Choosing a Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

A heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner is manufactured to be much more powerful and durable than residential vacuum cleaners. Industrial vacuum cleaners are manufactured for everyday use, while a residential vacuum is specifically designed to be used a couple of times per week. This is where the difference lies. There are many industrial vacuums available

Custom Machining Services

The need for machining services is not only greater than ever before, but it has also become more streamlined and, therefore, more available. Custom machining services, rather than being accessible only to large-scale operations, can now be utilized by individual designers and start-up businesses. Be the first to like. Like Unlike

Use High Quality Plastic Bag Machine Parts for Longer Life of your Machines

No machine can work continuously without some malfunctioning over the years. Murphy’s Law states, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” this includes machines. The periodic wear and tear can however be mitigated and reduced by proper maintenance and use of high quality spare parts. The same holds true for plastic bag machines which