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Money Transfer From UK To India

Therefore, online remittance services are handy for those people, for whom money transfer from UK to India speedily is important. Online remittance services are available 24*7 and can be done from the convenience of one’s living room. Online transfers can be tracked anytime with a unique transaction reference number. Transfer fees are minimal or nil

What is the Section 179 deduction?

As is true with many IRS stipulations in the tax code, the amounts stipulated can vary on a year to year basis. This is true with the Section 179 deduction limitations which are deductions that are applicable to businesses who wish to purchase off-the-shelf software and equipment. The Section 179 deductions does two things in

Common Retirement Planning Myths

When it comes to retirement income strategies, sometimes people can get the wrong ideas about what to do or where to start. There are common myths that keep some from preparing for their financial future. If you’re holding onto some of these ideas, then it’s time to learn the difference between fact and fiction. We’ve