Cars Versus Motorcycles: Accident Statistics and Driver Liability

Some are surprised to learn that car and truck drivers are, in most instances, the ones who cause motorcycle accidents. Though riders are constantly on the lookout for distracted drivers, some accidents are unavoidable. In this article, you will learn some of the facts and statistics often used by a Tampa motorcycle accident attorney.

How Often Is it the Motorcyclist’s Fault?

According to statistics, when a motorcycle is in a crash with another vehicle, it is likely that the driver violated the right of way 65% of the time. Cases in which other drivers failed to see motorcyclists in traffic were seen as the leading cause of accidents, and most of these collisions occur at intersections. Most motorcycle accident injuries are suffered by those between 16 and 24, and more than half of all injured riders had less than six months of experience.

Is This Really Surprising?

The fact that drivers are responsible for most collisions is not a big surprise to motorcyclists. Those who ride daily are aware that drivers are not doing their part to keep riders safe. Though a driver is protected by a steel cage, a motorcyclist is exposed to more risk during a collision. Many accidents are fatal, but some can be avoided if drivers become more aware of their surroundings.

Changing Old Thought Patterns

Many believe that bikers are too tough to sue, and that, in many cases, their personal injury claims are unwarranted. However, this mode of thinking is outdated and dangerous, and in some instances, it leaves an injured rider with no way to recover. If you have suffered injuries in a collision with a negligent driver, you and your Tampa motorcycle accident attorney have the right to pursue fair compensation. Contact a lawyer today to learn about state law and your legal options for holding the other party responsible.

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