Carpet Qualities and Types

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Carpet and Flooring

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Searching for carpets can be very frustrating during a home remodeling project due to the large variety. There are so many different types and colors. During a quest for a new carpet, many will find that there are many different types of carpet available on the market. Many of these choices consumers can find a great selection of carpet in Plainfield, IL.


This type of carpet is popular because of its dense, level-cut pile. The diligently compacted yarns give a smooth and soft, often referred to as plush, surface that is ideal in reserved surroundings. However, saxony carpet can display footprints, vacuum marks and seams.


This kind of carpet is not as thickly tufted as saxony, but it has an extremely soft feel. It is constructed from two-toned yarn. It has an uneven surface that gives it a casual look appropriate for any room. Textured carpet has a tight-twist construction that helps resist soil, making it a great option for family rooms.


These carpets are often used for commercial rooms because they are made using a short, tough, twisted pile fiber. Fibers used in a frieze carpet are curled in various directions, in order to hide footprints and other everyday carpet marks.


This kind of carpet features big, full-length loops of natural-tone fibers variable in size and typically made from olefin, wool, or nylon. It is thicker than many other carpets and greatly stain resistant. However, this carpet is not a great option for homes with pets because their claws can snag the fibers.

Level loop

Level loop carpets contain tufted, full-length loops of equivalent stature, ensuing in an extremely smooth surface. It is tough, simple to uphold, and an excellent carpet for high-traffic spaces and casual places. Level loop carpets are known to be firmer and tauter than other carpet choices.
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